Smart-E Results

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In this third issue of the SMART-E Newsletter, you will find the reports of the fellows, with their updates on their research project, collaborations and activities, a description of training and dissemination events that have been organized in the past 6 months, and information about forthcoming initiatives around SMART-E.

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In this second issue of the SMART-E Newsletter you will find a report on the major training events that have been organized, a description of the results of the first Experienced Researcher (ER), Martin Eder,  the description of the ongoing research activities and results of our 13 Early Stage Researchers (ESR), a message from the new partner AGCO, and other information about the forthcoming events.

12-months report by Martin Eder
Affiliation: University of Zurich
Supervisors: Prof. Rolf Pfeifer, Prof. Davide Scaramuzza
Co-Supervisors: Dr. Helmut Hauser, Prof. Cecilia Laschi
Research Topic:
Morphological computation based control of soft robotic structures