The SMART-E network draws together 7 partners, with world class expertise in robotics, autonomous systems, and advanced manufacturing. Each partner is hosting at least one Marie Curie researcher – either ‘early stage researchers’ (ESRs) or more experienced researchers (ERs). Follow the links below to find out more about the organisations, and the lead supervisors from each partner.



The SMART-E consortium is delighted to be working with additional partners from across Europe to deliver the training and industry experience which will allow our researchers to become future leaders in robotics and advanced manufacturing. Each of our associate partners are involved in training activities, secondments, summer schools and other events under the umbrella of SMART-E. Learn more about them here.

- Festo Didactic GMBH, DE

- RURobots Ltd., UK

- The Shadow Robot Company Ltd., UK

- Cranfield University, UK

- Narvic University College, NO

- Food Manufacturing Engineering Group, UK


- Marel, IS


Rolls Royce, UK


- Airbus, FR

- Robotnik, SP

Istanbul Technical University, TK