Safety and human - robot interaction

Safety and human-robot interaction

The main focus in this topic will be on developing new ways of interaction with industrial service robots and improving safety by making the robot alert the user via naturalistic means. 

SMART-E research projects in this work package are:

  • Development of a high performance haptic tele-manipulation system
    Fellow: Stefano Toxiri
    Host: IIT, Lead supervisor: Prof. Darwin Caldwell
  • Musculoskeletal based robot manipulator
    Fellow: Andrea Giusti
    Host: TUM, Lead supervisor: Prof. Matthias Althoff
  • Human-Robot co-working through turn-taking models
    Fellow: Aaron Pereira
    Host: TUM, Lead supervisor: Prof. Matthias Althoff
  • Modular and bionic-inspired lightweight robot
    Fellow: Esra Icer
    Host: TUM., Lead supervisor: Prof. Matthias Althoff
  • Dexterous teleoperation for a compliant robot within unstructured spaces
    Fellow: Martijn Zeestraten
    Host: IIT, Lead supervisor: Dr. Nikos Tsagarakis