The SMART-E training programme has been designed to provide a balance of a locally delivered scientific and technical training, as well as network-wide training activities (an induction course, summer schools, and the complementary skills training programme). Secondments will also form an essential part of the training as they will provide a conduit for transfer of ideas and novel problem solving techniques, offering valuable business perspectives and exposure to the challenges and drivers between sectors.

Upcoming Events and Trainings

Further technical training, a summer school and skills training will follow in 2016.

  • Network Technical Skills Workshop 4: Human Factors and Industrial Robotics (Core Technical) – 5 days - Facilitators: Prof Phil Webb (Cranfield), Prof Samia Nefti-Meziani (USAL)
  • Second Summer School on Industrial Robotics (1week) - USAL
  • Complementary Skills Workshop 5: Leadership Training (1 week) – USAL

For further details about these events, please contact Janet Savage (


Past Training Events

  Induction December 2014  
  Work Package 1 Technical Training April 2015  
  Work Package 2 Technical Training September 2015  
  Work Package 3 Technical Training October 2014  
  Complementary Skills Training (Sheffield) February 2015, September 2015  
  Summer Schools July 2015  
  Northern Robotics Network Showcase September 2015  
  SMART-E Mid-term review and conference October 2015  


Courses and Lectures

Videos from the SMART-E  teleconference workshops series held on January and February 2015 are available at:

Summer Schools

First SMART-E Summer School on "Advanced Robotics for Sustainable Manufacturing", July 6-10, Livorno, Italy