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My Bio: 

Aaron is employed as an Early Stage Researcher in the SMART-e Consortium (ESR9). His research involves formal guarantees and trajectory planning for safe human-robot co-working.

Having received an MEng. in Mechanical Engineering from Imperial College London, completing his masters project abroad at the University of California, Davis, Aaron is now working towards a PhD at the Department of Computer Science, Technische Universität München.

His research interests include dextrous manipulation, applying formal verification techniques to robot control, and how humans and machines collaborate.

What I do in Smart-E: 

ESR9: Safe human-robot co-working through formal methods

Strict international standards govern the interaction between humans and machines in the workplace. For example, robots must often be separated from humans with cages or light curtains, and cannot operate when humans are inside their workspace.

If a control strategy can guarantee that robots and humans can work together safely, this is an important step towards allowing humans and machines to share a collaborative workspace in industrial settings.

Research interests: 

Formal Verification
Trajectory planning
Collision avoidance
Safe Human-Robot Cooperation
Robot Ethics


See: www.i6.in.tum.de/Main/Pereira#Publications

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